1. What  is  Safety Valves...?

Safety valves are one kind of valves used as an integrated component of the system like pressure vessel, boiler or other arrangement in which if pressure or temperature exceeds than its deciding limits, the safety valves effectively reduce the pressure or temperature by releasing the substances from the systems. Safety valves are significantly used to protect the equipments.

It is used for the industrial as well as commercial applications for the air, steam, liquid and gases.

2.  Type of  Safety Valves...

In general, safety valves are pressure relief valves

  • Relief valve: it is designed to relieve excess pressure to prevent the system. It is generally used in liquid system. It is also used in pumped system.
  • Safety valve: it is used with compressible gases, mainly the steam and air. They are used to protect the plant and prevent the spoilage of the product.
  • Safety relief valve: it can be applied for the gas system as well as liquid system.

Other types of valves are defined on the basis of their construction designs and applications. The safety relief valves are available with variety of configurations.

  • Full lift safety valve
  • Low lift safety valve
  • Conventional safety relief valve
  • Power-actuated safety relief valve
  • Balanced safety relief valves
  • Pilot operated pressure relief valve


3. Safety Valves PDF







4. Safety Valve Technical Specification


½” to 4” (15 mm to 100 mm) Design & Manufactured Standard : Manufacturing Standard Pressure Test Standard: Manufacturing Standard Spring loaded Relief type open Discharger Enclosed Discharger
Body & Bonnet AISI 304/316
Spring AISI 304/316
Ends Screwed to BSP / BSPT / NPT
Set Pressure 150 psig (10 kg/cm²)
Optional Safety Valves Confirm to API 256
Ends Flanged to ANSI B16.5 Table D / E F other Material & Specifications are Welcome


Sr No Description
1. Body
2. Bonnet
3. Adjustment Ring
4. Adjustment Ring stop Pin
5. Valve
6. Washer
7. S.S Spring
8. Spindle
9. Adjustment Pin Nut
10. Adjustment Pin


5. Safety Valve Design

Design of the safety valves is varied as per applications. For example the applications like compressed air systems, the safety valves do not have an outlet connection but the liquid is directly vented to the atmosphere. Pattern of the valve contains right angle body. It contains nozzle [full- nozzle or semi nozzle] for inlet connection and outlet connection screwed or flanged. According to the uses, safety valves contain hood or adjustable blowdown rings. Design can be varied in dimensions, capacities and inlet-outlet connection sizes.

6. Price Of  Safety Valves

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Safety Valve Design, Safety Relief Valves

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